Palexpo Locarno
Past events / References

Rock concerts with Vasco Rossi, Laura Pausini, Carlos Santana, Ray Charles, Europe, Black Sabbath, Ligabue;

Classical concerts: Swiss Italian Orchestra (Autumn concerts Rete 2), Opera Locarno, Rondò Veneziano, concert with tenor Carreras and classical ballets;

Shows: Zelig, Beppe Grillo, Lord of Dance, Miss Switzerland;

Meetings and congresses: Swiss Society Oto-Rino-Laringologia, Medical Cervicofacial Surgery congress, Symposium Swisscom, Tupperware Swiss Jubilee, Swiss congress head cooks, Swiss Union Powerhouses, Association of Swiss Municipalities, Swiss Butchers’Association, Swiss Florist Federation, Gastro Swiss Association, Swiss Abroad Association, Swiss Army Officers Association, Swiss Police Choirs, Swiss federation of the deaf, Electrosuisse Symposium, Internazional Symposium "Interroll", Swiss Ophtalmology Society Congress (SOG-SSO), Electrolux, Swiss Rheumatology Society, Sport medicine and foot surgery, Jehova’s Witnesses (recurring), Raiffeisen assembly and differents political congresses;

Exhibitions: Selezione Ambiente, Espoverbano (recurring), Locarno Orchidea, Selling company Sonego (recurring), Feline Exhibition (recurring), Tisana (recurring), Giocolandia (recurring);

Sport events: Basketball European Cup, Tennis Davis Cup (Switzerland-Korea), Fencing world Cup, Junior Karate World Cup, dance competitions, Acrobatic rock and roll swiss championships, Swiss championship Ritmica gym, Athletics International indoor competitions, International judo competitions.

New events organized during 2016

  • Theater show Legnanesi
  • Van de Sfroos concert
  • Homeophathy congress (Dr. Spinedi)
  • Exhibition Ticino Case Expo (recurring)
  • Fabio Concato concert