Economic Promotion

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Our aim is to make the City and, with it, the entire Locarno Region increasingly attractive for incoming businesses and companies, thereby creating new jobs.

The main aims of the Economic Promotion Service presented in the promo video concern:

Entrepreneurs and business people interested in setting up their own businesses in the Locarno Region can contact directly the people in charge of this sector.

Areas of competence

The Economic Promotion Service has multiple areas of competence.
Its main tasks include:

  • Operating as an interface between the economic world in general, the entrepreneurial sector in particular, and the Municipality
  • Facilitating contact between actors potentially interested in developing economic activities and the Municipality, by offering a "one-stop service"
  • Enabling entrepreneurs to enter into a dialogue directly with a single contact person
  • Facilitating administrative procedures (departments to contact), avoiding intermediaries.
  • Acting as a link with the Cantonal Economic Promotion services, above all for the application of the Cantonal Economic Innovation Law
  • Working in collaboration with the Regional Development Agency in the development of a territorial reporting network in order to identify any available land and buildings that might be of interest to entrepreneurs for the development of their initiatives
  • Acting as an intermediary with other institutional levels (in particular the Canton) with regard to information and requests related to economic development of interest to the City and the entire Region, such as the Industrial Zone of interest to the Canton
  • Stimulating reflections, analyses and studies for the development of new economic projects for the City

Collaborative partnerships
The Economic Promotion Service works in collaboration with other services having similar aims.
In particular, it operates with:

The SME Portal of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)
SECO provides useful information and tools for small- and medium-sized companies in Switzerland, from laying the foundation stone to choosing a successor, as well as practical information, online administrative procedures, articles on current affairs, legislative changes and much more.

Association for the Promotion of the Ticino financial centre
This platform was set up jointly in February 2011 by the Department of Finance and the Economy and the Ticino Banking Association for the promotion of the Ticino financial centre. Objective: to encourage the establishment of high value-added financial activities in the Canton.

An economic promotion initiative conceived by the Ticino Department of Finance with the aim of improving Ticino's visibility abroad, increasing opportunities for investments and favouring new arrivals.

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