​Education and Training

The City of Locarno offers facilities for education and training at all levels: nursery schools, kindergartens, elementary, middle and high schools. In the city there is also a Commercial Vocational Education Centre, which is an institute focused on the professional training of young people. The fields covered range from training for jobs linked in the strict sense to the craft sector, but they also cover the commercial and health sectors. Locarno is also a university town thanks to the presence of the Training and Learning Department of the University of Applied Sciences of Italian Switzerland.

Following the inauguration of the PalaCimema in Locarno, the International Conservatory of Audiovisual Sciences - CISA has moved to the city, thus enriching the area's educational offering. CISA is a para-university school for the tertiary sector dedicated to the provision of specific training in the field of Visual Design (Film) and as preparation for the profession of Filmmaker. There are also private schools of various levels.

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