The Economy

Almost 7,000 companies (around 18% of the Cantonal total) providing over 27,000 jobs are located in the City of Locarno and its Region. In the Locarno area, there is a concentration of companies that focus on international markets and innovation in one of the four key sectors for the future economic development of the Canton of Ticino: mechanical engineering and electronics. Almost one third of all the workers employed in the entire mechanical engineering and electronics industries are, in fact, active in the Locarno area, with a particular concentration in the City of Locarno itself (with around 1,000 jobs). The Region is also specialised in the film industry, thanks to the presence of the Locarno Film Festival, which has always acted as a driving force in this sector.

There is no lack of offerings of commercial properties and the city has an Industrial Zone located just a few kilometres away from the main North-South transit axis, a factor that ensures optimal connections by both railway and motorway. Locarno therefore offers entrepreneurs interesting opportunities to develop leading-edge company activities.

All the main commercial chains are present in the City of Locarno, but there is also a dense network of smaller businesses scattered throughout the territory, with highly diverse characteristics and an extremely varied offering of products.

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