​Culture and Congresses

Locarno is an art city, rich in historical monuments and places where art is at home. The city has three prestigious museums: Casa Rusca, where major international exhibitions and initiatives to promote local artists are staged; Casorella, a recently restored 16th century building where the City's permanent collections, among the most important in the Canton of Ticino, can be admired; and the Visconti Castle, a historical complex housing a rich collection of archaeological finds and glass objects from the Roman age.

But art in Locarno is not just figurative or architectural. The offer is completed by the Locarno Theatre, as well as the initiatives promoted by numerous cultural associations dedicated to music, theatre, literature and history.

In Locarno, the congress and exhibition sector is becoming increasingly important, and the City promotes this trend by making available the Palexpo FeVi facility. This structure is particularly admired for its capacity, with a multipurpose room of 2100 square metres on the ground floor that can accommodate a seated audience of up to 3200 people.

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